Even the Department of Labor screws up the FLSA

For all of you struggling with the new overtime regulations don’t feel bad that you may find this difficult to deal with implementing. The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) is actually a pretty complicated law. The nuances of the regulations and the interpretations by the DOL and the courts add yet another level of complexity. …

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Why Paying Attention to Wage and Hour Compliance is IMPORTANT

  I have stated many, many times on this blog that paying attention to compliance issues, particularly those regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act is important. Here are some of those posts: Pay Attention Managers: You have to track time ACTUALLY WORKED! A VERY EXPENSIVE Lesson in NOT Following the Rules It Will Cost Me …

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OSHA: "A New Sheriff In Town"

In a speech to the American Bar Association in March 2010, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occuaptional Safety and Health, David Michaels said “I know that by now you’ve all heard Secretary Solis describe DOL under this Administration as the “new sheriff in town.” This is not an abstract wish; it is a stern description …

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