The USDOL finally gives us the updated Overtime Rule!

I am been saying it since 2016 that the US Department of Labor would be issuing new rules for who was to be paid overtime and who was not. Since the Obama administration’s attempt to update the overtime rules was killed in 2016 we have been waiting for the Trump Department of Labor to administer …

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The decision on what salary level is appropriate to be considered exempt is delayed

Back in December of 2016 the Obama administration effort to raise the salary level which defined eligibility for exempt status from $23,660 to $47,476 per year, or $455 to $913 per week. That was brought to a halt in late November 2016 by several lawsuits, and as yet has not been decided. The USDOL has …

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FLSA Scenarios: How Well Do You Know the Law?

This past week I had an opportunity to attend an Employment Law seminar conducted by the law firm of Drew, Eckl & Farnham, LLP. I have been a couple of times before and last year did a post about the session, Lessons in Ignorance: The Intersection of FMLA and Workers’ Comp. What I like about …

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