The USDOL finally gives us the updated Overtime Rule!

I am been saying it since 2016 that the US Department of Labor would be issuing new rules for who was to be paid overtime and who was not. Since the Obama administration’s attempt to update the overtime rules was killed in 2016 we have been waiting for the Trump Department of Labor to administer …

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The FLSA changes have been stopped, NOW WHAT?

Most of you by now have heard that the FLSA changes on the salary level to be and exempt employee scheduled to go into effect on December 1 have been stopped, at least temporarily, by a Federal judge in Texas. This will have different meaning to different parties, depending on where they were in the …

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Are you aware the Feds are about to rattle your world?

Most of you have heard the uproar in the press about minimum wage. Some of you may have heard the stuff about changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act and other wage and hour issues. I wanted to set the record right about these things. Federal Contractors First… none of this stuff has been put …

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