June Employee Law Blog Carnival

Ok I have some phrases I want you to identify: The 5-0-4. Dinged for OffCon “6-factor” “clogged drain” Applomodation case derivative sovereign immunity Get any of these? If you did you are better than I am. To learn these terms and more head over to Lawffice Space where Phil Miles has put together a great …

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The Employment Law Blog Carnival- It is OSCAR time!

Actually it is not Oscar time, but this carnival has 17 great “Kick-Ass” lines from an assortment of action movies. I have to admit I have seen every one of these movies and recognized each and every line. Eric Meyer of The Employer Handbook has assembled a great collection of blog posts and tied them …

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Two Carnivals for the Price of One

Two carnivals were published yesterday that you should pay attention to. If you don’t know what a blog “carnival” is it is a, generally, monthly collection of blog posts compiled in one place by someone who volunteers their time and effort to put everything in a readable and coherent format. I have done it before …

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