Social Media Prohibitions Declared Illegal

  You know all those news stories about people being fired for using social media and then reinstated because of the action of the National Labor Relations Board? Well, all those decisions may have been declared illegal! At least that may be the outcome of the action taken by a three judge panel of the …

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Right-to-Work Gives Workers Rights

  I was dumbfounded by some of the statements I have heard in the arguments about the implementation of “right-to-work” laws in Michigan. The bottomline is that right-to-work GIVES workers rights rather than taking them away. Background I have touched on this before when Indiana passed right-to-work legislation in early 2012 when I wrote New …

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Requiring Employees to be Courteous Is Ruled Unlawful

  I don’t know if the decisions by the National Labor Relations Board can get any more ridiculous than this one. According to them requiring your employees to be courteous is ILLEGAL!  Has the world gone amok? Or is it just this particular Board? The Case Briefly, the case, Karl Knauz Motors, Inc, dealt with …

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