Future Friday: The key to learning is unlearning – A Revisit

In one of my classes, the other day the students and I were discussing the final. I said that they need to remember that they were not being tested on their version of HR, but rather on SHRM’s version. That made me think of this post. So here again is a post about the wisdom …

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Future Friday: Looking at your employees through a digital lens

According to a paper by Gartner businesses need to now look at their world though a digital lens. This means that businesses need to look at people and things in a different way to maximize and better understand the opportunities that are available. I think this can be applied to employees as well. The Internet …

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Warm Chair Attrition

I was reading a newsletter called the Herman Trend Alert today, an older issue on the subject of fear and the paralyzing effect it can have on employees. In that discussion they talked about something they called “Warm Chair Attrition”. They describe this as employees who are unhappy, but “… these employees still collect paychecks, …

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