How a long-lived marriage is like a great employee relationship

Yesterday on December 18, 2016 my wife and I achieved our 45th wedding anniversary. We are planning a celebration for a warmer time of year. In thinking about it though, I noted that there are many similarities between a good marriage and having a good employment relationship. See if you agree. Have to grow together …

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Work perks that help attract and retain employees: An Infographic

I was offered the opportunity to publish this infographic on research conducted by I thought it was interesting. I hope you do to. You’ve placed the digital and print ads, sorted through resumes, done the interviews, and made the offer to what you believe is the best employee for the job. All that’s great, …

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HR in the 21st Century: Make Life Easier for Your Employees

Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at    When it comes to keeping your employees happy, bi-monthly potlucks and a warm pot of morning coffee just won’t cut it anymore — especially if you’re staffed with a group of millennials (and most companies are or will be soon, as millennials are …

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Three Tips for Retaining Your Top Employees

I had the good fortune to hear a luncheon talk by an HR pro by the name of Jack Smalley. Jack, who is with Express Employment Professionals, was the guest speaker at the SHRM- Atlanta year end luncheon. The basic theme of his talk was organizational change, but wrapped up in that presentation were three …

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"Victims" Make Good Union Targets

I am currently reading a book by my favorite consulting guru Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting. The book is called Thrive!. It deals with taking control of your life and thriving as a result. I will write more on this later when I do a book review. But one of the things he said in one …

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Meaningful Work: It Helps Employers and Employees

I wrote an article for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the online version, on Meaningful Work. I think it helps both employers and employees. Click on the link above and let me know in the comments section either here or there and let me know what you think of meaningful work.  Subscribe in a reader

Employee's Perceptions of Benefits: Good or Bad

The results of a Fidelity Investments’ Consulting Services survey were posted on Talent Management on Monday. The survey dealt with perceptions employees have of the benefit packages their employees provide. The good news was that the “…study that found that 72 percent of people believe that the benefits they receive at work are better than …

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