Newest Carnival of HR: A MUST READ for HR Pros

The newest Carnival of HR is at the IC4P Productivity Blog. This version is full of some very interesting blog posts. Full of information about productivity, labor law, leadership, use of social media, engagement and performance management. It is a MUST read of links these great topics on some great blogs. So read up, learn …

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Employee Engagement and the Recession

I have been pretty sick the last couple of days and have not felt the “creative bug” to write a new post. So I thought I would direct you to a very good one. Ann Bares, of Compensation Force, talks about the recession driven opportunity to enhance employee engagement in Recession-Driven Sense of Shared Destiny …

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Enthusiasm: A Key Hiring Requirement

Enthusiasm! Do you hire for it? You should, at least according to Alan Weiss, of Summit Consulting. In his most recent newsletter he relates the story of an exceptional waiter named Mike, who as Alan says “…generally led us through dinner the way Toscanini led the orchestra through Beethoven’s Fifth.” In Alan’s opinion “You can’t …

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