Who Do You Treat Better? Customers or Employees?

  Have you ever been in an establishment where it was apparent that the employees were unhappy? How was your experience as a customer? In my experience it has generally been a less than positive event. If this has been your experience as well then perhaps you need to take a look at your company …

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Hired for Apptitude Fired for Attitude

There was a very interesting piece that appeared in the Atlanta Business Chronicle written by Melvin Everson who is the executive director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development for the state of Georgia. His premise is that people get hired for apptitude, or their hard skills, and get fired for attitude. He said he …

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Are Growing Waistlines a Sign of Diminishing Employee Attitudes?

Yesterday I heard a radio commentary by Clark Howard. He was talking about his post Recession enabling Americans to make unhealthy food choices. He was discussing a piece of research that said that Americans are saying that the recession is making it more difficult for people to buy healthy food. The premise was that healthy food …

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