Offshoring your Grandparents

  We have for years heard about offshoring jobs, sending work overseas in order to cut costs. What if you had an opportunity to offshore your grandparents care when they become too infirmed to be on their own? It is happening in Germany Due to the rising cost of eldercare, combined with the ever increasing …

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The Future of Eldercare in Work and Life

On July 13th I wrote a post entitled Eldercare Takes Its Toll on Employees and Employers. It received a far amount of attention, which indicates it is an area of concern for many employees and employers. So to provide further information I reached out to an expert in the field. I generally don’t have guest …

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Eldercare Takes Its Toll on Employees and Employers

Eldercare has become a much bigger issue in recent years than it has been in the past. There are several reasons, prime among them is the increasing life expectancy. The pressures that accompany caring for aging parents take a toll on employees and on their employers.  Craig Schneider of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes in Caring for Parents …

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