A dose of people wisdom from Peter Drucker

Often people are hired for the wrong reasons. Hiring managers seek to minimize weaknesses rather than maximizing strengths. That is not the formula for success in hiring, according to Peter Drucker. From his book The Effective Executive, as quoted in The Daily Drucker, “Effective executives make strength productive. They fill positions and promote based upon …

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Taking the Mystery out of Hiring Programmers

  PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Python. If you make any sense of this then you are more aware than I am. I am not totally unaware, I realize these are computer languages, programming tools or databases, but I cannot really tell you anything beyond that. Most HR people are in the same situation …

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Hire Slow, Fire Fast: Revisted

  It is best to “Fire Fast” I was reading an article written by my friend and blogging attorney Jon Hyman where he related a story of an organization that allowed a poor performing employee to go SEVEN years before they terminated him. Naturally the employee figured out what was happening and claimed sexual harassment …

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