Future Friday from the Archive: Artificial Intelligence and the HR world

This post was originally posted in October of 2016, but I thought it was an appropriate replay with all the discussion occurring about AI. As I have continued to read on AI, there continues to be a divide between the dystopian and utopian points of view. One article ended a discussion with this comment:  “Yet …

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Future Friday: The future of work definitely involves Artificial Intelligence

As you know I am out in San Francisco attending the Dreamforce conference, Salesforce.com’s annual conference. There are some amazing things going on in the world of CRM’s and one of them involves artificial intelligence or machine learning. Many companies As I have written before, AI is becoming much more common. Last year I wrote …

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From the Archive: Marketing Tips for the HR Department

Today I am in San Francisco attending the Dreamforce conference held annually by Saleforce.com. While my wife is the full attendee I am attending on a “free” ticket that unfortunately for me restricts my activities. Fortunately for me there are alternative sessions I can attend. InsideView hosted two days of sessions that were marketing oriented. …

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