Future Friday: A Lesson in the Value of Social Media Connections

On a futuristic TV program called Almost Human a recent episode called “Disrupt” featured a story about a boy who was killed in an accident involving a “smart house.” His mother was distraught and told the police that she knew of no one that would want to kill him. He was a “loner” and had …

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Art for Work’s Sake – Adaptability

Today’s guest blogger is Doug Shaw. He is the Founder and CEO of What Goes Around. He advises a wide range of businesses and business leaders on how to improve employee and customer experiences through smarter work practices. He speaks at conferences all over the world on collaboration, communication and creativity, and he writes about …

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The Carnival of HR from Doug Shaw

I met Brit blogger Doug Shaw in April. He is a very interesting guy. Blogger, speaker, musician and an advocate for Stop Doing Dumb Things. He is the host of this late May version of the Carnival of HR. Doug asked contributors to submit in two categories. The first was BEGINNINGS. He wanted bloggers to …

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