Should HR be a positive disruptor?

I have written a couple of time on “legacy thinking” in HR, here and here. While it is good for organizations to have a legacy and a history in today’s fast moving world legacy thinking can also keep you from progressing. “We have always done it that way” When you ask a question and the …

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One Big Piece of Advice to New Employees

  We all want new employees to be successful. We want them to fit in and be productive. How do you tell them to do that? If you were sitting down to mentor someone what would be the one big piece of advice you would tell them? Pay attention Paying attention is an easy piece …

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The Value of a Disruptive Employee

  You may wonder why I think a disruptive employee is valuable. Most of us want to minimize or get rid of employees who are disruptive in the workplace. They cause lost productivity, bad feelings, and disputes and can generally be a pain-in-the-ass. Well I am not talking about that kind of employee. I am …

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