Three for Thursday- Paying attention to the FLSA

The US Department of Labor is one of those agencies that have been fully funded during the shutdown. Their activity continues, thus it is important to not let your adherence to the FLSA lapse. My friend, Jon Hyman, publishes a weekly curation of articles he read and I use it as a source for things …

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Follow Up on Non-Discretionary Bonuses

In my post yesterday, Getting Punished for Doing Good, about QuikTrip’s fine at the hands of the USDOL for not calculating non-discretionary bonus into overtime for nonexempt employees I was asked on Twitter if that included non-cash bonuses. Well I was not sure, though I suspected it might if it was production related. So I …

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Getting Punished for Trying to do Good: The Lesson in the Quik Trip Fine

QuikTrip, a Tulsa, Oklahoma based convenience store chain, has agreed to pay out $750,000 in overtime payments that the U.S. DOL said were due employees because of a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. By just looking at the headline you might think this is the “standard” case of a company working employees off …

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