What is talent?

  The term “talent” is used a great deal in HR. We have talent management, talent acquisition, talent reports, people are referred to as “talent” and they are managed by talent managers. I ask the question “What is talent?” because I don’t necessarily have a good definition. 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, popularized the …

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Time, Talent or Incentive? What Makes For the Best Employee?

We have all heard by now the 10,000 hour rule that was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers. Here in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia there is a plumbing company that even uses the concept in their commercials. They brag that all their plumbers have 10,000 hours of practice and thus they are the most …

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The Carnival of HR: A Global Party

Prem Rao, of People at Work & Play, is hosting this version of the Carnival of HR. He calls it a Global Carnival. There are posts galore in this Global celebration. Many of the regulars but a good dose of new authors are included. If you can’t find something interesting to read here, well then …

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