Future Friday: Cognitive computing and the value of data

I had the good fortune to be invited as a “futurist” to the #IBMInsight conference in Las Vegas in late October. Along with about 30 others we were exposed to some of the amazing things IBM is doing with what they call “cognitive computing.” The conference had several themes wrapped around the power of data, …

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Key Factors in Strategic Decisions: Decisiveness, Timeliness and Risk

I just finished a brief article written for the McKinsey Quarterly by Anne Mulcahy, the chairman and former CEO of Xerox. They had asked her to reflect on strategic decision making. One of the points she made in her article dealt with timeliness of decisions. She said “Decisiveness is about timeliness. And timeliness trumps perfection. …

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HR Data and Decisions: Why HR Metrics May Fail

Marketing guru and all around smart guy, Seth Godin, wrote a blog post entitled When Data and Decisions Collide that made me write this post. He gives several examples of situations where data did not drive decisions, despite overwhelming evidence. As an example “The data shows that famous colleges underperform many cheaper, friendlier, smaller colleges. …

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