The date and data required for the EEO-1 report changed

Many of you may have already read that the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) suspended the implementation of the new EEO-1 form until further review. The EEO-1 is a report required by the government (EEOC) for companies with over 100 employees. Historically it has been due on September 30th of each year. However, in …

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Future Friday: Cognitive computing and the value of data

I had the good fortune to be invited as a “futurist” to the #IBMInsight conference in Las Vegas in late October. Along with about 30 others we were exposed to some of the amazing things IBM is doing with what they call “cognitive computing.” The conference had several themes wrapped around the power of data, …

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Three Things to do to Improve HR Department Performance

  In October of 2012 KPMG published a study of 400 C-Suite executives. As you can tell from the title of this post, the news was not good. They think HR is ineffective. So here are three things HR can to to improve performance.Failure According to one quote HR departments “consistently fail to demonstrate any …

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