Future Friday: How you think about technology makes a very big difference

As I have been preaching about HR in Future Friday I have indicated numerous times that technology will have a major impact on how HR does its job and the impact it will have on companies. When I mention this in my classes not everyone is thrilled to hear this information. I for one see …

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Do busy days make for bad ethics?

In HR we deal with the fallout from rules being broken, procedures not being followed, and decisions being made that don’t meet the ethics of the organization. If you have ever wondered why people do those things the answer may be in their work schedule, so says a new study. Busy people A study published …

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One Good Rule to Improve Your Hiring

I don’t know about you but some of the worse interviewing I ever did was done in the afternoon, especially after lunch. I did not keep track but my gut feeling is that most of the bad candidates I presented to hiring managers were ones from those late afternoon interviews. Based on some recent reading …

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