Future Friday: Creativity in Recruitment

The headlines read “One million more jobs than candidates.” Companies are struggling with finding workers to fill their positions. This is requiring those in charge of finding talent to be more creative. One suggestion for a creative approach comes from an interview with Cheryl Cran, a “future of work expert” and founder of nextmapping.com, which was …

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Future Friday: Creativity is the key to survival

A friend of mine who owns an IT company made a comment on Facebook the other day on the future of robots replacing humans. He said he thought that people replaced by robots would be able to find a job in fields building robots until the point robots started making robots. Then he said people …

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Becoming an HR Genius

A recent reader read my post from November 2010 on thinking creatively. After noticing this I re-read it as well. As a result I think it is interesting enough to re-pubish it. So here are some tips on how to become an HR genius. I have mentioned before that I am reading Futuring: The Exploration …

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