Future Friday: Does telecommuting cause a digital divide?

I have written a number of times that the part of the future of work is both telecommuting and a free-agent workforce. More and more companies are using or allowing a greater freedom in telecommuting. More companies are using independent contractors who do not have to be present to perform the work that can be …

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Future Friday: What if your office drove you to work?

I am not talking about a car pool here. I am talking about your office, at least a part of it, actually picking you up and driving you to work while you sat and worked. Would you be interested? With the advent of driverless vehicles that may become a possibility. The commute to the office …

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Pumping Up Your Employees: No Rah-Rah, Just Help With Gas

When you live in a metropolitan area like Atlanta, being in your car is just a way of life. Atlanta has a notorius commute and terrible traffic jams (and it seems people can’t stop running into each other slowing things down even more.) In the past not many people really took mass transit or found …

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