#SHRM16 Interview with Tim Mulligan the CHRO of the Year

I lived in Southern California for my high school and college years. In college I studied comparative animal psychology, primates in particular. As a result I was very familiar with the San Diego Zoo. I have probably been at least 15 times and consider it to be one of the premier zoos I have ever …

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Future Friday: The next great HR position

The next great HR position is going to require someone who has a multi-functional background and may in fact not be filled by someone from HR. According to writer Anne Fisher, in an interview with Peter Martin, workplace strategy director for Asia at real estate company CBRE, said that the next great HR position will …

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Strategist or Steward?

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Robin Lissak of Deloitte Consulting present on Influencing Top Leaders. I even Tweeted on the presentation and got some good response to those tweets. So I thought a post was in order. Lissak talked about the disconnect between CEOs and CHROs (Chief HR Officer) in what was seen …

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