The Value of a Certification class for the HR practioner

I am teaching a certification class starting today. I will have some eager students who are in HR related positions hoping they can parlay that experience and what they learn in class into a PHR or SHRM-CP. The class, sponsored by a local university for its employees “sold out” and I will have a full …

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Is HR a Profession?

Sitting around a lunch table the other day I got into a discussion with friends where the question was asked “Is HR a profession?” Part of the response to that question depends on how you define profession. The dictionary I referenced defined it this way: a vocation requiring knowledge of some department of learning or …

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Guest Appearance on DriveThruHR Radio: Is Certification Worth It?

I was the guest on DriveThruHR, hosted by Bryan Wempen. DriveThruHR is the #1 Daily HR Interet radio show in the country. Bryan, who is studying for his SPHR, asked me to talk a bit about the value of the HRCI certification. Of course my answer is yes, on both a personal and professional level. …

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