Don’t be a dupe for someone else’s ill will

I have run across the term “cat’s paw” several times in the past, including just recently. It comes supposedly from an old Aesop’s fable that was adapted by Frenchman Jean de La Fontaine under the title Le Singe et le Chat that appeared in the second collection of his Fables in 1679. It tells the …

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Companies Get the Liability for Supervisors Decisions

If you have been around business for any period of time, and around HR in particular, you know that most of the employment based lawsuits companies get are based on the actions and decisions of superviors. The doctrine of vicarious liability, also known as respondeat superior, means employers get the liablity for the decisions of …

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Five Great Posts in Human Resources

I have been doing some reading so I thought I would give you the benefit of my “work”. These are 5 great posts on HR topics that I found informative, educational and stimulating. I thought you would feel the same. From Jim Brennan at Compensation Cafe we get Could You Be Accused of Wage Theft? …

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