Good documentation pays off! Not once but TWO times.

Document, document, document… it seems often that this is all HR people in the “trench” ever say. Supervisors and managers get tired of hearing it and, face it, we get tired of saying. Generally nothing ever happens with that documentation given the thousands and thousands of time it is said. Just occasionally we get an …

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HR Law Changes for California and Tennessee Employers

HR law was changed in two states recently. The two states featured are California and Tennessee, with the bulk of the changes being in California. Their legislature was busy and Governor Jerry Brown’s pen was full of ink. So here you go. Prohibited Use of Credit Reports (AB 22) AB 22 will take effect on …

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Wage Theft Laws on the Rise

Perhaps it started with Hilda Solis, the Secretary of Labor, announcing that employers were stealing a $1,000,000 a week from their employees and she was the new sherriff in town and she was going to correct that. But since then a number of states and municipalities have been passing “Wage Theft” laws. Here is a …

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