Future Friday: Supermobility

We have all heard about the ever increasing importance of mobile devices in the workplace. The issue of BYOD (Bring your own device) policies is a present and growing issue for many companies. The issues surrounding mobile devices are going to get larger and more complex due to supermobility. Supermobility In a post by Tim …

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Employees Won't Stop Bringing Phones to Work, but That's Not Necessarily Bad

  I am having surgery this week so I have lined up several guest posts to fill the days. Today’s post is a guest post courtesy of Social Monsters. BYOD is a key issue for HR today. Whether or not employees are using their device to perform work, they bring their smartphones and tablets along …

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Great Posts on Sticky Issues

The spring version of the Employment Law Blog is up and posted at Employment Law Blog Carnival: The “Spring is in Bloom” Edition hosted by Stephanie Thomas. There are many great posts that cover some sticky issues that I know many of you would just as soon not know about but YOU MUST. Jon Hyman, Mark …

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