Would you be better in HR if you held a job outside of HR?

In the certification classes, one of the key competencies that are considered necessary for someone to be a successful human resources professional is business acumen, that knowledge of how the business really operates. This business acumen can be learned in two ways, through study or through experience. Drucker’s advice Peter Drucker, management guru deluxe, advises …

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Initiative gets you rewarded, well maybe not!

Initiative is a trait that is supposedly highly valued by employers, thus it appears on practically every résumé written. It is usually promoted as someone’s strengths when they are asked what their strengths are in an interview. Unfortunately a recent study has shown that initiative may not get you the rewards you expected. Neither bosses …

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If You Can't Lead the Tour You Don't Know Your Business

 I was surprised the other day when I received a round of applause when I said “If you can’t lead the company tour then you don’t know your business.” Let me explain the circumstances. During a panel discussion this week we the panelists were asked if we had any suggestions about what mid-career HR pros could do to end …

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