Mentors and Meeting Face to Face: Writer's Block Leads to a Great Find

All morning I was struggling with a topic for a blog. I thought of a couple outlandish, like “Treat Your Employees Like Puerto Rican Races Horses: Perform or Die” and then I realized that had been done, it is called the GE Way. So I went looking for inspiration by reading other blogs. It did …

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Dealing With Job Seekers: YOUR Employees Looking for Work

Penelope Trunk, of the Brazen Careerist, offered job hunting advice to her readers. The title of her blog is How to Job Hunt From Your Current Job. In her blog she lists the following tips: Don’t Feel Guilty Schedule Interviews at the beginning or end of the day (or lunch) Don’t dress up for interviews …

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A Future View of Work: A Generational Perspective

I like to read “futurism” stuff. Penelope Trunk, at the Brazen Careerist, provides a “future” look work. I found it very interesting, especially given the Gen Y view of how work may change. I happen to think many of these will predictions will come to be. The one I think will be most difficult will …

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