Future Friday: How you think about technology makes a very big difference

As I have been preaching about HR in Future Friday I have indicated numerous times that technology will have a major impact on how HR does its job and the impact it will have on companies. When I mention this in my classes not everyone is thrilled to hear this information. I for one see …

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Companies Get the Liability for Supervisors Decisions

If you have been around business for any period of time, and around HR in particular, you know that most of the employment based lawsuits companies get are based on the actions and decisions of superviors. The doctrine of vicarious liability, also known as respondeat superior, means employers get the liablity for the decisions of …

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Preconceived Notions: Do They Cause Us to Miss Things

I came across an interesting story. It concerns an experiment that involved one of today’s premier muscians, violinist Joshua Bell. He is a virtuoso with the violin and sells out concerts around the world. This experiment involved Bell dressing in street clothes and playing his violin in a subway station. As detailed in this Washington …

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