Replayed: Be an astronomer of people- The Challenge of Leadership and Management

Leadership is a hot topic these days. I wanted to replay this post from 2016 because I liked it. I subscribe to the YouTube channel of Jason Silva, Shots of Awe. This week he was talking about the telescope and the wonders and complexity of the universe. I am amazed at the vastness and complexity …

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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout: A Guest Post

Today’s post is a guest post from writer Micaiah Sowards. She offers tips on things employers can do to prevent employee burnout. These are some good tips that are often overlooked.  Are you struggling to keep your employees motivated? Do they seem to burnout faster than you can fuel their fire? You are not alone. …

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Four ways bosses could be better

I recently did some supervisory training for a client. We discussed how they could be better bosses, but at the same time they talked about how they would like to see their boss be a better boss. I thought it might be beneficial to pull this post out from 2013 and publish it again. We …

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