Future Friday: Retirement is considered in danger

According to a worldwide survey, the majority of current workers and retirees think future retirees are going to be in bad shape. In The New Social Contract: A Blueprint for Retirement in the 21st Century, which is based on a 2018 survey of 16,000 workers and retirees in 15 countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, …

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From the Herman Trend Report: Retire or Not? A Global Look

With growing numbers of medical breakthroughs and advances in our knowledge of the relationship between environmental toxins and disease, people worldwide are living longer than ever before. Half of US Baby Boomers waiting until at least age 70 or not choosing to retire at all According to a recent survey by Harris for CareerBuilder, 30 …

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Future Friday: The future of retirement is in danger!

A just released report indicates that the retirement life for a large part of the population, around the world, is going to be dire in ten to thirty years. The report indicates that people are not saving for a number of different reasons. The future of our employees lives are in danger. Should HR do …

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