Future Friday: There is Nothing Bright about a Humanless Management Future

Today’s post is a guest post written by Nate Vickery, a business technology expert and a futurist mostly engaged in finding and implementation of the latest technology trends into SMB and startups management and marketing processes. Nate is also the editor-in-chief at business oriented blog- Bizzmarkblog.com. He has written this very interesting post about business automation.  …

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Future Friday: Repetition may spell the end of your job

I am currently reading Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford. Martin is a software development entrepreneur who has been in computer design and software development over 25 years. Working in Silicon Valley he has seen the effect of automation and robotics on the world of work. The subtitle of his book is Technology and …

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Future Friday: The automation of the C-Suite

As we talk about the future of work and the replacement of workers with automation little consideration is given to executive positions. My guess is that if you were to poll the C-suites of companies most of them would feel that their jobs are safe from automation. After all how can you automate the decisions …

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