The “why” in performance evaluations

Consulting guru Alan Weiss writes, in his February newsletter,  that “We often believe that praise will help people solidify improvements and continue to grow, and critique will often correct poor performance and help people to do better.” That is often the underlying assumption in performance discussion, even the appraisal event. However, Weiss goes on to …

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A quick tip to keep you and your employees on their toes

As I do my reading a consistent theme is that you need to be a constant learner in order to be successful. Futurist James Canton mentions it as one of the keys to future success as well. To be a constant learner you need to be a consistent learner. But how do you do that? …

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10 Essential Skills for Managers Including HR: Redux

  I am on vacation today so I am rerunning a favorite post from 2012. Hope you enjoy reading it again. I am reading a book by Terry J. Fadem entitled The Art of Asking: Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers. Although I am just partially through it I have already gleaned some good information. …

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