EEOC and FTC team up to clamp down on employers

  The EEOC and the FTC team up to emphasize rules already in existence. Part of the EEOC’s strategic plan is to insure that the use of background checks closely watched and to this effort they have teamed with the Federal Trade Commission, which is responsible for the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Nothing new None …

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HR Predictions for 2013

  In January of 2012 I wrote a post called A Look Ahead: Predictions for 2012 (Snappy title huh?) Well it turns out I was pretty correct. It also turns out that 2013 will most likely be more of the same. So here are my HR predictions for 2013. Rules, more rules and creative interpretations …

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Use of Background Checks Requires Common Sense

I have written an number of times on the importance of and the use of background checks. You can find those previous posts by clicking on these titles: Background Checks and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Background Checks: Why the FCRA Basics Are Important, and Credit Checks: Yes or No? At Omega HR Solutions, Inc. we …

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