What does having a full NLRB mean for employers now?

  On July 30th the U.S. Senate moved to avoid what is known as the “nuclear option.” This is a political maneuver that refers to voting procedures the details of which are not really important here. What it resulted in was an agreement by the Republicans to not block Presidential appointees in the confirmation process. …

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Why the NLRB Nominees Are Unlikely to Get Approved

    On April 9, 2013 it was announced that President Obama was going to nominate three new members for the National Labor Relations Board. This would give the Board the five members it is supposed to have. Two of the nominees are Republican management side attorneys. The third nominee is a renomination of the …

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Social Media Prohibitions Declared Illegal

  You know all those news stories about people being fired for using social media and then reinstated because of the action of the National Labor Relations Board? Well, all those decisions may have been declared illegal! At least that may be the outcome of the action taken by a three judge panel of the …

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