Future Friday: The future of HR according to John Boudreau

I had the good fortune to catch a webinar that was presented by the Harvard Business Review entitled Workforce Analytics of the Future: Using Predictive Analytics to forecast talent needs. It featured John Boudreau, who is a professor at the University of Southern California‚Äôs Marshall School of Business and the Research Director at Center for …

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Three Things to do to Improve HR Department Performance

  In October of 2012 KPMG published a study of 400 C-Suite executives. As you can tell from the title of this post, the news was not good. They think HR is ineffective. So here are three things HR can to to improve performance.Failure According to one quote HR departments ‚Äúconsistently fail to demonstrate any …

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Five Great Reads in Human Resources Blogs This Week

I have done some reading today and I am passing on to you five blogs that I think are important reads. What a great guy I am. (Said blushing… well not really) This is not to say that there are not at least another 100 good blog posts out there to read, there are. But …

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