Thinking Competitively in the HR Department

I just finished reading an article on Thinking Competitively by John Sullivan. He states “Having the competitive advantage is now essential to the survival of any business function, especially human resources. In the past, it was possible for HR to focus 100 percent on internal issues, never demonstrating superior performance when compared with talent competitors. …

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Managing "High Flyer" Employees

One of the things most HR managers “preach” is consistency. We drum this into our managers and supervisors. Treat everyone the same. Don’t discriminate. Well here is an article on Managing High Flyers that argues that this may not be the best approach. The author, William Rothwell, says that managing what he calls “high flyers” …

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Labor As THE Supply Chain Disrupter

The October 31st issue of the online The McKinsey Quarterly discussed a global survey of executives on supply chain issues. According to this report “Nearly two out of three executives who responded to the latest global survey of business executives conducted by The McKinsey Quarterly1 say they face increasing risks to their ability to supply …

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