Is the Fight for $15 self-defeating?

As I write this the employees at O’Hare Airport are on strike in conjunction with multiple Fight for $15 rally’s spread across the country. Bolstered by support from unions, particularly the SEIU, workers are trying to get increases to $15 per hour. Is it working? Or are they shooting themselves in the foot? Who is …

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A history of Labor Day- It is not about hotdogs

Headlines in the papers tell us of striking fast food workers taking to the streets for higher wages. Unions are supporting them. For the first time in a long time there is something current that aligns with the original intent of Labor Day. Today, Labor Day is not really about what it was originally intended. …

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Future Friday: Will Robots cause social upheaval and worker revolt?

I have written numerous times on the advances of technology that may displace workers in the future. (A quick search on this site for Future Friday will take you to those posts.) There is actually a term for that, it is called “technological unemployment”. Futurist George Dvorsky said this is one term that all futurists …

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