USERRA: Honor the Military by Obeying the Law Redux

  This post was originally posted on Memorial Day 2012. Unfortunately I think its message is still pertinent to today‚Äôs workplace. Having come from a military family I think one of the best ways to honor the military today is by obeying the law. The Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Act (USERRA) was established to …

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The Complexity of USERRA Harms National Guard Members

SHRM attorney Allen Smith published an article on the SHRM website entitled, Unemployment and USERRA Claims Rise Among National Guard Members, in which he detailed testimony delivered to Congress by president Ted Daywalt. Ted is an acquaintance of mine and he runs a fine organization to assist veterans in getting employment after leaving military …

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Companies Get the Liability for Supervisors Decisions

If you have been around business for any period of time, and around HR in particular, you know that most of the employment based lawsuits companies get are based on the actions and decisions of superviors. The doctrine of vicarious liability, also known as respondeat superior, means employers get the liablity for the decisions of …

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