3 Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Today’s post is from my friends at SocialMonsters.org Recruiting is a vital part of a company’s success. Whether it be for a short-term project, permanent placement or just an interim solution, hiring the top talent ensures that business is continually productive, growing and successful. But what’s the best way to find the top talent without …

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#SHRM12 Conference Update

The conference continues to be very good. I started at 7 am with the 10 mistakes that employers make in wage & hour that cost a lot of money. I have written on these before. The basic message was it is very expensive to ruin your exemptions. The keynote was given by author Malcolm Gladwell. …

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Time to Get on the Twitter Train

I like Twitter. I typically do something with it everyday. When I mention to people that I use Twitter they often roll their eyes and say “I just don’t get it, why does anyone want to know what someone had for lunch?” At that point I sigh and roll my eyes and then decide if …

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