Sexual Harassment: You Knew or Should Have Known

In sexual harassment training we discuss two types of harassment, Quid Pro Quo and hostile environment. In both cases the standard that often has to be determined is “did  you know or should you have known” that harassment of either type might occur. Because if you did and did nothing to prevent the occurance your …

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Fixing Messes That You Create: Incompetence or ???

In a recent BNET newsletter there was an article on the 9 Signs Your HR Manager is Terrible. The sixth of the nine reasons was entitled “He only fixes messes… that he created.” The article explains that you know you have a poor HR manager when he/she lets things go so long that they become …

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Being Mauled by a Bear While “High” Does Not Eliminate Workers’ Comp

This one goes under the label of “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!” It is not often that being mauled by a bear appears on a Workers’ Comp statement, let alone when the report also says the employee was under the influence of marijuana. Here is the story. It seems that in Montana there is …

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