How to measure and improve your workplace culture

This guest post was written by Anna Hayes of All too often, senior management read “improving workplace culture” as “offering some lunchtime yoga and putting on some free food every now and then”. It’s not that there’s anything inherently bad with either of these two things (free food is a cornerstone of good morale …

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Guest post: A Guide to Human Resource Surveys & HR Questions with Samples

Today’s post is written by Freddie Tubbs, who is a human resources manager at Academized. He regularly takes part in HR and business events and contributes columns to Paper Fellows and Australian help blogs. While your business may already use surveys to find information and answers to the questions you have about your customers, using this data resource in your own …

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How often should you take the pulse of your employee engagement?

Employee engagement is recognized as critical to the success of a company. Many companies annually conduct a survey to measure engagement or employee satisfaction. What if measuring engagement once a year was not often enough? How often should you take the pulse of your employee engagement heart beat? Advantages and disadvantages with an annual survey …

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