Stress-relief Outing Ideas for Your Staff

According to the American Psychological Association, 65 percent of Americans cited work as a top source of stress. Meanwhile, only 37 percent surveyed said they were doing an excellent or very good job at managing stress. But stressed-out workers aren’t just grappling with it behind closed doors. Stressed workers tend to be fatigued, prone to …

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A New study finds that deadlines are the biggest contributor to stress in the workplace

A recent survey by the job search website CareerCast revealed that of the eleven things that cause stress in the workplace, deadlines are the biggest contributor to the stress that employees experience. According to the report “Employees were asked what was the biggest contributing factor to their stress and the survey found that the most …

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Do busy days make for bad ethics?

In HR we deal with the fallout from rules being broken, procedures not being followed, and decisions being made that don’t meet the ethics of the organization. If you have ever wondered why people do those things the answer may be in their work schedule, so says a new study. Busy people A study published …

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