The Power of Leverage in HR

There are many definitions of the term leverage, but they are all based on the concept of using a tool, a lever, in order to magnify your power in order to move an object that you would not normally be able to move. Business coach and author Brian Tracy, in a recent newsletter, talks about …

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Steps for Effective Discipline

One of the biggest puzzle for supervisors and managers is how to deliver discipline effectively and in a way to promote change. I often get asked to deliver some training in this area. The other day I came across a video by Ed Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics on 6 Steps to Changing Employee Behavior. …

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Small Business HR: Know What You Need When You Hire Family

I made a presentation the other day to a group of people who own or work in small businesses. Since I work with helping many small businesses with their human resources I have a presentation on the Top 5 HR Mistakes that Small Business Make. I wrote about this in 2010. You can look here …

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