Will your unlimited vacation policy run afoul of the law?

One of the more talked about trends in employee relations and new ways of working is unlimited vacation. Touted as the best way to treat employees unlimited vacation supposedly focuses on productivity rather than time. As long as an employee has their assignments done they can take off any amount of time they desire. It …

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Case for Paid Sick Leave: Why It's Necessary

Today’s post is from SocialMonsters.org Earlier this year, President Obama proposed legislation that would give workers seven days a year of paid sick leave. And a desperate need for paid sick leave exists — 39 percent of workers today are currently going without, according to The Washington Post. What’s even more disturbing is that the …

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When MERS attacks! Are you ready?

As employers we are torn between losing the productivity from an employee who is sick and having them come to work and infect other employees, thus causing more problems. This is an everyday issue that becomes worse in the flu season. It becomes even more of a concern when a potential pandemic is identified. MERS …

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