Safeguard Your Workplace Against Crime & Violence

I published a post about “Things to do in active shooter situation” last month. Here is another post from my friends at about security at work.  It is getting dark earlier, which means employees are often leaving work when it is dark – a safety concern, for sure. Take steps to implement a solid …

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What do you do with old personnel records?

I recommend to many clients that they periodically purge their personnel files. You don’t really need that “excuse for being late” from 20 years ago. You also don’t need to keep most of the records from an employee that you terminated 10 years ago. Of course there are some exceptions, such as chemical exposure records …

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A Safe Environment Is a Productive Environment: Ensuring Workplace Safety and Security

During this holiday season many employees get busy and may not pay as much attention to safety and security as needed. Here are some things to remember. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics annual Occupational Injuries and Illnesses report, more than 3 million workers were injured on the job in 2012. Ensuring a safe, …

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