Will your unlimited vacation policy run afoul of the law?

One of the more talked about trends in employee relations and new ways of working is unlimited vacation. Touted as the best way to treat employees unlimited vacation supposedly focuses on productivity rather than time. As long as an employee has their assignments done they can take off any amount of time they desire. It …

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Future Friday: Will HR be irrelevant in a virtual office?

In the changing world of work more and more companies are trending to virtual work. The need for offices and gathering points for workers will diminish, though not go away entirely. That trend however, raises the question about the importance of HR in a virtual company. It may be possible that the human resources function …

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Can we make Results Only Work Environments Work?

  Jody Thompson, the president of Culturex, said in a presentation to the 2013 Benefits Forum and Expo, that we need a workplace where “Each person is free to do whatever they want whenever they want as long as the work gets done” according to writer Kathleen Koster. It sounds great, but I have to …

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