Guest Blog – 5 Mistakes to avoid when recruiting a remote team

Remote work is a reality no one can look away from. Even organizations that never thought of going remote, had to adapt to this new normal to sustain their businesses. Many companies have also started to hire remote staff. Remote hiring, if done in the right way, can really prove to be effective and successful …

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3 Virtual Team Building Activities to Help Improve Remote Worker Engagement

Today’s post is brought to you by my friends at As an increasing number of workers are working from home on their smartphones, many companies are experiencing the challenges of trying to run a virtual workplace. As the number of Americans who work at least some hours from home has grown from 39 percent …

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How to Effectively Manage Your Virtual Team: A guest post

I am a big fan of remote teams. I have published several posts on this subject. When I got this guest post from a talented young writer, Helen Eagleton, I decided to publish it. I hope you find it to be as informative as did I. Evolving internet technologies are making it easier to perform …

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