From the Archive: The importance of reading to your personal well-being and development

There is a discussion on my Facebook page about whether or not men read. I had to repost this. I think reading is critical to your personal development. So does Tom Peters.   I am not going to go on a tirade here about reading. It is important. Here is an excerpt from Tom Peter’ …

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From the Archive: Forget their Weaknesses, Improve their Strengths

I am away on some personal time so I wanted to repost this from November 2013. It was pretty well read, which means that others found it interesting, you might too. It is a general consensus these days that performance appraisal is broken. Managers hate to deliver them, employees hate to get them and HR …

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Initiative gets you rewarded, well maybe not!

Initiative is a trait that is supposedly highly valued by employers, thus it appears on practically every résumé written. It is usually promoted as someone’s strengths when they are asked what their strengths are in an interview. Unfortunately a recent study has shown that initiative may not get you the rewards you expected. Neither bosses …

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