The Quickstart Guide to Time Tracking for Remote Workers: A Guest Post

Remote teams are becoming commonplace due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, businesses are using time tracking tools to manage work hours for their teams. What should you know about remote time tracking and how can you start using it to its full potential? The Growth of Remote Teams There’s no doubt that the …

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Reducing flu at work is a matter of business continuity

As I have been watching the news daily I hear reports of yet another death caused by the flu. It seems to have a very detrimental effect on students. However, even when it doesn’t cause a death, it can be debilitating to a workplace, especially a small business, where staffing is sparse and absolutely every …

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When MERS attacks! Are you ready?

As employers we are torn between losing the productivity from an employee who is sick and having them come to work and infect other employees, thus causing more problems. This is an everyday issue that becomes worse in the flu season. It becomes even more of a concern when a potential pandemic is identified. MERS …

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